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Selling On Etsy? Here Are 4 Amazing Etsy Photography Tips For You

Selling On Etsy? Here Are 4 Amazing Etsy Photography Tips For You

Want to become famous by selling your creativity to the world? Want to do something different from the usual nine to five? Then the Etsy platform is the answer for you! Etsy Photography is a global E-commerce platform that lets you set up your store online and sell to the world what you are proud of. Etsy is a community of creative people and interested buyers. The community helps people with vivid imagination turn their ideas into business.

Etsy helps you market almost anything that you can name and price. From handmade jewelry to home decor, crafts, pottery, and Etsy photography, everything is sellable. All you have to do is click and upload. All you have to do is click and upload. A little seo work to promote your store and you are good to go. However, it all isn’t as easy as it may sound.

The presentation is of utmost importance when it comes to becoming a successful seller on this platform. Your product might be the best out there, the best quality, built, performance and what not, but if all these qualities are not portrayed on the website, then your hard work goes to waste.

Beginner Tips on How to Take Amazing Etsy Photography

1. Lighting

Dull and dark photos are a big no-no. Look for bright lights to snap your products. If you can click the pictures in bright sunlight, then you don’t have to look any further. But if you cannot, then you can either invest in some lamps or look for a brightly lit corner in your home, and start snapping.

2. Detailing

The biggest con to online shopping is missing out “the touch and feel” concept. So, when someone shops online, detailing is what they need. A few tips to keep in mind are:

• Take close up shots to show the minute details of your product.

• If size is important, then place an item in the frame so your customers can understand the size of your product.

3. Background

Experimenting with different background is one of our favorite activities… but if you are doing your Etsy Photography and your environment detailing is standing out and under-powering your product, then you’re doing it all wrong. Choose subtle backgrounds and simple surroundings so your customers can focus on your products and nothing else.

4. Editing

Your customers will be happy if they get what they see. But if your pictures are over edited and take away the essence of your product, then your Etsy Photography isn’t going right. Edit only what’s needed, and try to stay away from overusing the filters or enhancing product colors.

Hope these tips will help you improve your Etsy Photography skills… Happy snapping!