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3 Tips for Amazon Photography

3 Tips for Amazon Photography

Online shopping is a modern phenomenon brought about by our need to purchase what we want whenever we want without the hassle of actually going to a store to get it. And while physically checking products when shopping online is impossible, purveyors like Amazon photography have a range of features to help customers make a purchasing decision. From verified user reviews to product photos, buyer’s remorse can be a thing of the past.

You’re sure to get good reviews if your product is great, but how you’re actually going to get people to buy it is the tricky part. In lieu of physically inspecting your product, customers will rely heavily on the photos you supply. Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to become an expert at Amazon Photography so you can produce photos that would translate to higher sales.

Make sure your images are crisp and have a good resolution

Your photos need to be crisp and have a great resolution because most Amazon customers use the built-in zoom-in function to inspect products closely. Customers would most likely think less of your product if you couldn’t even be bothered to upload decent photos of it. On the other hand, enabling them to see every nook and cranny of your product conveys transparency and trustworthiness.

Take lifestyle shots and photos of the product while being used

Photos showing the product being used in a natural setting are a big draw because they help customers envision themselves actually using the product. If you are to sell a chopping board, for example, taking photos of someone in the process of chopping up some vegetables on the board would be a great idea. Instead of your product being just another inanimate object with a price attached to it, its usefulness will be demonstrated to the customer thereby gaining additional value.

Use a white background and shoot different angles

Experts of Amazon photography often use a white background as it doesn’t take focus away from the product. And shooting different angles ill help customers visualize and understand your product better.

The fool-proof tips above are sure to help you represent your product better on Amazon or on any other online selling platform. If you feel you need a more professional touch though, all you have to do is reach out to a professional photographers Sydney who knows what they’re doing.

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